Kow Mods

Kow Mods is the home of Minecraft mods created by kowloon_4g. More Dogs and More swords are two of the mods that aim to bring more life and diversity to Minecraft. These mods enhance the user experience by giving the player more reasons to explore the world and discover things that can not be found in vanilla!

More Dogs

The most popular mod, More dogs seven new dog breeds to Minecraft. The models and textures are more high definition than the wolves in the vanilla version of Minecraft to help distinguish them and give them more personality. There are more dog breeds planned for the future and the mod will be updated to new versions of the game when possible.

More Swords

More swords adds adds over 20 new swords to the game. Many swords have complex recipes that require multiple pieces to craft, but in return they are very powerful. It also adds 8 new gems/ores used to craft the new swords.