Iron GreatSword

The Iron GreatSword is a unique sword that has a heavy feel to it. It is slower than regular swords but makes up for it in the damage it deals. It has extra knock back that sends enemies flying backwards. The Iron GreatSword has one of the most complex crafting recipes.

Crafting requires multiple steps. Crafting the blade is done in two parts. To craft the left side of the blade you need three iron ingots, a block of gold, an orange gem, and a green gem.

The right side also requires three iron ingots, a yellow gem, an orange gem, and an emerald.

Then add the left and right piece together to craft the Iron GreatSword Blade.

Be sure not to craft two of the same side as they wont work.

The hilt requires three iron blocks, three nether brick fences, and a red gem.

Finally add the blade and hilt together to craft the sword.

It does 15 damage and has 2,700 uses. It has a slow attack speed and can be repaired at an anvil with an iron block.